Information About Greece


The Parthenon and the Acropolis museum, the castle of Monemvasia, the cave Dyros, Vikos and Samaria canyons, Meteora, the Theatre of Epidaurus, the Botanical Garden, the Palace of Knossos, Santorini with its sunset, Myrtos’ beach...

The sights in Greece are countless and you need a lifetime to see them and admire them all from a close distance. Scattered across all regions of Greece, you will have to travel from side to side to feel the greatness of this country.

Destinations of all kinds and for all tastes, historical monuments and museums, world heritage sites, "miracles" of nature such as caves, canyons, volcanoes and beautiful beaches, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, all of them together make a unique place in the world to get acquainted with, Greece.

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