Information About Greece


With more than 16 million tourists in 2012 and more than 20 million in 2013, Greece is included in top tourist destinations worldwide.

"If you dream of Europe this summer, think Greece" is the phrase LonelyPlanet chose to classify the country as top tourist destination for 2014. Classification BestinEurope 2014 of LonelyPlanet chose Greece because of "the luxury experience and affordability", the company notes in a statement.

The Greece ensures an excellent price - quality ratio on vacation. In fact, many tourists visit Greece to take advantage of the sunny days of summer. The economic situation in Greece pushes service providers to lower their prices, a situation that delighted tourists.


New Age Tourism Investment

The increasing number of tourists and the profile of today's traveler, require diversification and enrichment of the tourist product of the country and the development of the infrastructure.

Investors in Greece will find a wide range of opportunities, fertile ground for new investment and some of the most beautiful locations in the world.


A Unique Landscape

Guests are discovering a variety of choices in areas such as sailing and cruises, incentive travel and weekend getaways, presenting new opportunities in specialized and attractive markets.

Unspoiled beaches, majestic mountains, rich history and traditions, spectacular scenery and famous hospitality are the elements that attract visitors from all over the world to the place where democracy was born.

The Mediterranean climate of Greece is ideal for tourism throughout the year. Today one of the main priorities of the Greek State is to create a dynamic and sustainable tourism infrastructure for all seasons that will meet the challenges of the 21st century.



Although the country has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, Greece has set a goal to further develop its tourist potential and become a holiday destination throughout the year. The Mediterranean climate of the country is ideal for activities such as golf and hiking, and it is estimated that one million Europeans embrace Greece as a candidate destination for second home.

Today, 70% of visits take place during the period between May and October, while the visitors are mainly concentrated in Crete (21% of total beds), Dodecanese (17%), in the Ionian Islands (12%), Attica (9 %), Chalkidiki (6.5%) and the Cyclades (6%).

Sub-sectors of tourism who have investment interest is the integrated tourism development resorts for second home, golf courses, sports tourism, health and wellness tourism, the upgrading and construction of new marinas, convention centers, developing agro products, religious tourism, the spas and thalassotherapy centers, gastronomical tourism and numerous thematic choices on the cultural and historical heritage of Greece.