Privacy Policy

The Real Greece website is the property of Real Greece - Real Estate Network. The responsible handling of user information is of great importance to Real Greece.


1) Saving and processing information

​To improve the use of the website, Real Greece may save information in a file. Real Greece uses this information to keep visitors of the website informed of interesting products and service offers, the products and services of other subsidiaries of Real Greece and of the products and services of carefully selected companies. If Real Greece wishes to make use of this, it shall always attempt to take preferences into consideration. If the Real Greece visitor decides to offer his information through Real Greece to a third party, Real Greece is responsible in general terms for the manner in which this third party deals with this information.

2) Registration of your details

​The personal details you enter during registration or pass on to Real Greece (name, address, place of residence, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address) will be entered into the customer administration of Real Greece.

By leaving your search criteria on Real Greece we will keep you informed of the available properties on the Real Greece website. Registering is totally free of any charge.

Real Greece will inform the cooperating real estate brokers on your preferences. Once a broker informs Real Greece for the existence of a property that meets your preferences, Real Greece will contact you with the personal information you provided. Real Greece will do this as soon as the property is admitted to the site and can be seen from every internet user. The property that matches your preferences, may be added to the list of properties on your personal page.

Real Greece is responsible for the processing of your personal details. Real Greece will use your personal details for the execution of the here above explained correspondence, for maintaining contacts with you, for the purpose of carrying out market research, setting up profiles of our customers and to inform you on new developments within our company and about our (new) products and services, which are within your area of interest.


3) Your rights

​You can object at any time to the use of your details for direct marketing purposes by means of sending an e-mail to Your details, necessary for your registration, are stored as long as you have not made any objection against your registration with Real Greece.

4) Security

​Real Greece wishes to secure your details in an as optimum manner as possible against unlawful use. At Real Greece only authorized personnel has access to your details. The storage and forwarding of your details via the Internet is secured with the currently usual techniques. On a certain amount of pages of the Real Greece website you can click through to other websites. The policies, which are applicable to these websites in regard to the processing and protection of personal details, can deviate from the policies of Real Greece. Real Greece is not responsible for this and cannot be held liable in any manner. You can gain insight into your details, which we collect on you, at any moment in time or, should these be incorrect or not relevant, correct or remove them. You can do this by sending an e-mail stating your name and address to

5) Visitor information

The website keeps track of general visitor information, the most frequently requested pages and objects for example. The purpose of this is to improve the website, so that Real Greece can continue to improve its service.

6) Modifications

​Real Greece retains the right to modify this Privacy Statement; regular re-reading of the Privacy Statement is advised.